Thursday, October 26, 2006

'Women can't cook' ???

I weigh a healthy 75 kg, so really can't say anything wrong about my mom or my wife's cooking. just a precaution in case they read my blog :)

Recently we got some women chef's /cooks at our site. There were great expectations of the homely and tasty food we were going to get in the future. The first few days there were a few tasty dishes... but then as the days passed by and the crowd increased (about 100 people) the food seem to go back to a routine taste of the same masala powder, spices...

Atleast with the male cooks we could demand, curse them... (i would not do it in a restaurant... as i have heard stories of what they do to the food they serve to you) and get some changes. Well looks like we are doomed unless we have to inspire these women to cook something interesting, delecious ....(pazhai ponna nakku...) any ideas ???

After i read that article.... i feel that women can cook at home for their loved ones all those delecious stuff, but as chef's can they equal their male counterparts.

i have tried cooking at home... and my dog seems to be getting healthy while my family want to go on fasting during those days, a coincidence. well i am learning to cook ...

Saturday, October 14, 2006

-------------:) Dare to be Happy :)------------

Dare to be happy - don't shy away,
Reach out and capture the joy of today!
Life is for living! Give it a try;
Open your heart to that sun in the sky.
Dare to be loving, and trusting, and true;
Treasure the hours with those dear to you.
Dare to be kind - it's more fun then you know;
Give joy to others, and watch your own grow.
Dare to admit all your blessings, and then
Every day count them all over again.
Dare to be happy, don't be afraid -
This is the day which the Lord hath made!
- author unknown
My wife very much appreciated your get well msgs and concern, thanks.
Thanks a million, that was very encouraging


Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Back to Blog world :)

Must be wondering why i have a picture of the chicken? details later

Had a wonderful time at home. Though it was a bit difficult to leave the kids and have some time alone, we managed to sneak out. Working out to sneak out more. (read previous blog ....)

3 generations of our family got together at the marina. came out with their own stories... sands of time.... stories of sand. Hopefully we will have more family get togethers at the marina beach.

Well unfortunately Chikungunya decided to spoil the show. My wife got affected and after a few days the fever... was gone. She is still suffering from pain in joints.

My daughter who could not pronounce Chikungunya renamed it as....
chicken konniya?(did u kill the chicken?) and that's why u got this Chikungunya
well the doctor has advised no chicken.... maybe true

Back at work and blogs keep me cheerful. so keep blogging :)