Friday, September 08, 2006

Relaxed... looking forward to go home :)

Last tiring week finally got over... back to reading and writing (a) blog
Reports.... handovers.... getting over
my colleagues say they are starting to see a broader smile on my face

Wife and kids eagerly waiting......................

serious discussion with my colleague... about child trapped life ???
He asked me when was the last time i spent some time all alone with my wife...(not at home)
allllllllllll alllllllooooooonnnnnneeeeee.... no children ... only the two of us... like a movie... dinner... dance...
told him honestly ... not really after the kids were born.... other than the drive to the school to pick up the kids in the afternoon, or a morning walk... (movies, dinners, kids are always there) hopefully when the youngest one goes to school next year we will have a few hours in the mornings to ourselves :)
well from his life experiences he said we should spend some time, only the two of us doing something romantic... candle light dinner, romantic movie....
i told him i would miss my kids terribly, i won't be able to eat the good stuff without my kids... enjoy a movie having a hearty laugh without the kids...
Try it out... is what he said
Well i am listening to Kenny Rogers, the song goes like this...

If he could only read her mind
She'd say:Buy me a rose
Call me fromwork
Open the door for me what would it hurt
Show me you love me by the look in your eyes
These are the litte things I
need the most in my life.....

mmmmmmm... the second half of the song goes like this

I need you
So I bought you a rose
On the way home from work
and I opened the doorto a heart that I hurt
And I hopeed you noticed by the lookin my eyes
that I'm gonna make things right
Forthe rest of my life
And I'm gonna hold you tonight
Cause you are the little thing
that I need the most
in my life.

Made up my mind, heart....

Surfing the net for new romantic surprises... things we have never done before...
for start will pick up a romantic fragrance perfume for her... suggestions welcome.

Your blogs pulled me thro, thanks ... will blog from home. Thanks to u too Bob