Friday, March 30, 2007

police, lawyer, prosecutor, judge and me

Very interesting incident happened a few days back.

A policeman dropped home and he had a small notice with him. It was regarding an investment we had made a few years back. one of the double your money schemes where we had invested in instalments. Instead of money doubling the company flew... along with our money. We all made a complaint and this was the result.

The policeman asked me to come to the court and collect the money (whatever the guy gives). After i signed it he said now don't be absent as u will be served a warrant :( if you waste the court's time by not coming on that day.

Finally made it to the court very early. After a couple of hours the policeman came, the lawyer, and the guy (representative) who owed us money. The guy said he could give only 30% and i tried to get more of my hard earned money. He said he only got so much and if i wanted more i will have to come for one more hearing, he knew people would not waste their valuable time.

The lawyer told me to read thro the pages and told me if the judge asks me i have to say that i am happy with the settlement... So finally the judge came and after a few cases they asked me to get into the satchi koondu(witness stand?) There was another old prosecutor and i came to know that he was the guy on my side.

Typist : Naan solvathellam sathyam (i will be honest)

me : sathyam(will speak truth)

Judge : Did they tell you how to speak and what to answerto me and in the court? (with a smile on his face)

me : yes, the lawyer told me what to say...

Judge towards the lawyer : so u already spoke to the witness and getting the witness to answer as u want?

Lawyer : no my lord, i was just showing him where to stand...

Prosecutor : How can u speak to the witness before the case and alaikalichify his mind?

Judge : Do u know the ethiri? ( i was stunned ethiri??? enemy??? then i realised that was the word used. ) - yes - did he pay u the full amount?

now i was a bit worried. i had told sathyam, so whether to say 100% or 30%, but i said 30%. He gave me a look as if i was the guy who was debted. i told him i was happy with whatever i got.

Judge : Don't be afraid of the ethiri...(enemy)

i was frightened that they might call me to the court for another day (one more precious day of my holidays). i told him i am very happy and felt sorry for the poor man who had a loss in his business. judge said u will be happy as u got the money in your pocket.

The judge repeated the minutes of the case to the typist and i signed the paper and came off the court.

Half a day spent... not bad for the money i got in return... a day at the court.
It was fun but then i didn't want to laugh loud ha ha ha :)