Sunday, January 28, 2007


I think i am very selfish. When i am at home i tend to forget about my blog friends. But then what to do? i am more busy at home than at work. got to compensate the family for the days i was not at home... The computer at home is just for checking email for the next new job details.

things that happened at home this time

went for pongal trade fair at island grounds. as usual milagai bajji, appalam, panju mittai, cauli flower manchurian, plastic broom, door mat, vegetable slicer/peeler, plants... all these are regulars. though nothing much changes at the trade fair we get to visit it every year. never got tired of it.

visited the marina a few more times...

attended the ucal blind rally, details in next blog.

as usual missing the family... starting to read blogs