Tuesday, April 03, 2007


Did you wash your hair?
Getting late for school?
Got to comb the hair?....

Problems girls have which boys don't have.

All 0f us being boys never had any problems like the above.
Even now a close crew cut makes sure no extra attention
or time is spent on my hair. Even though my wife does not
agree with my crew(criminal) cut, i find it very comfortable.
Only God knows how my wife can manage her hair.

Anyway my daughters have been having short hair since
they were young. There were a few tears at the beginning
during haircuts but nowadays they say the teachers and
friends prefer them having short hair.
They seem to be happy and have got used to it. My wife has
promised them if they still want long hair, when they get older.
They can swim anytime they want, don't have to spend hours
on maintenance, less water - oil - shampoo.... my point of view.
My wife has experimented with long/short hair
and u know when she had short hair she just needed a couple
of minutes to get ready. Nowadays it takes a couple of hours.
Besisdes is there any other advantage in having long hair.
I actually find women with short hair more attractive and

Women with long hair seem....

What do u all think?