Thursday, October 26, 2006

'Women can't cook' ???

I weigh a healthy 75 kg, so really can't say anything wrong about my mom or my wife's cooking. just a precaution in case they read my blog :)

Recently we got some women chef's /cooks at our site. There were great expectations of the homely and tasty food we were going to get in the future. The first few days there were a few tasty dishes... but then as the days passed by and the crowd increased (about 100 people) the food seem to go back to a routine taste of the same masala powder, spices...

Atleast with the male cooks we could demand, curse them... (i would not do it in a restaurant... as i have heard stories of what they do to the food they serve to you) and get some changes. Well looks like we are doomed unless we have to inspire these women to cook something interesting, delecious ....(pazhai ponna nakku...) any ideas ???

After i read that article.... i feel that women can cook at home for their loved ones all those delecious stuff, but as chef's can they equal their male counterparts.

i have tried cooking at home... and my dog seems to be getting healthy while my family want to go on fasting during those days, a coincidence. well i am learning to cook ...


Blogger Sojourner said...

smiley, i just thought it was an interesting subject :) (the friday the 13th)

And i think men like the challenge of cooking for many.. while women look for something personal and pleasant in it...

What can u cook now? [good for the dog!! :)]

Blogger Sandai-Kozhi said...

All the best for your cooking.Neenga samachadhu neenga sapteengala?As far as I know Men cook for challenge,puzzle solve pannra madhiri.But for women, avanga personal interest,love, and happiness counts.Veetla kooda when a woman is happy ,her cooking will be more tastier than ever.kadaimaikkaga eno thanonu panna adhoda taste_m eno thanonu dhan irukkum.--SKM

Blogger priya said...

Cooking doesn't need to be a specialist. Just the aroma which makes tasty.

Blogger Nirek said...

I think, cooking was forced to womanhood rather than by choice. Woman make food in home becos she is patient enough to spend a hour in kitchen and she dont want her family to sleep with hunger!

And Man thinks cooking is an art, thats why he become a better chef!

Blogger Syam said...

u r rite women veetla nalla cook pannuvaanga (ethuku vambu) :-)

Blogger Shionge said...

I just have to come by for a free smile Mr. Smiley :D

Good luck on your cooking and practise makes perfect right?? :P

Thanks for the smile - I Got It :DD

Blogger shruti said...

you put a big smile on my face...
very interesting post..
really had fun reading it...

Blogger starry nights said...

Men make great chefs, women put a lot of love into it.:)

Anonymous injey said...

It might be that the most important ingredient in women's cooking is love. When they cook for unknown faces they forget this ingredient. But men's cooking dont need this ingredient anyway. The taste is present in the style itself.

Better take your dog to the vet soon!

Blogger indianangel said...

agreed, men are very good cooks, which is why most of the chef's in hotel are men.

Here are a few other points regarding our body weight Please check here, our weight should be proportionately equaly our height, ur mentioning of 75 kilos might actually be overweight based on your "Body mass Index" - I weigh 72 kilos now and am 5.7 and Im overweight by 2-3 kilos. If your body mass index is between 19 - 24.9 you are ok if you are between 25-29.9 you are overweight.

Check out here too:

Blogger smiley said...

iris, the dog hasn't complained so far :)

Sandai-Kozhi,Neenga samachadhu neenga sapteengala? enna appadi soliteenga :)

priya, u r right, but needs a bit of kai rasi, i guess :)

satu, I think, cooking was forced to womanhood rather than by choice, never thought it from that view :)

shionge, thanks for dropping by and the encouraging words. will keep practicing, only need a few more guinea pigs for testing :)

shruti, welcome to my site and keep passing that smile :)

starry nights, Men make great chefs, women put a lot of love into it.:)good point :)

injey, the dog needs a bit of exercise, he has been enjoying my cooking :)

indianangel, thanks for the info and still within the limits :)

Blogger smiley said...

syam, thanks for the support :)

Blogger tulipspeaks said...

i must say satheesh got a point there.

may be we fare as a good cook when it comes to cooking with a little bit of love poured in it but flunk when got to do it for money.



Blogger Sojourner said...

oh ,I am extremely nice to people who cook (at home or at restaurants :)
And i will not question your view on that and i will remember it, since u are experiencing it and am just writing a story ;)

Blogger Jeevan said...

:) non to tell. I just eat what my mom cooks. Are u trying cooking? good luck friend!

Blogger mitr_bayarea said...


Men may be cooks or successful chefs at Star hotels and TV shows and maybe at home too sometimes when a need occurs for them to help out.

But, a women's cooking, atleast in moany more cases is always good. A woman not only cooks variety and trie sout new dishes, but also prepares it with specification for each family member and serves it with love and the health of her family in mind.

Blogger Harish said...

haa...i leanrt cooking after coming here to US...bcoz that was yhe only goddamn way i was gonna survive as a veggie :-)

Blogger Dalicia said...

yeah especially the singaporean girls. they all have maids to cook for them!

Blogger Has to be me said...

Smiley, totally agree with Sat. Also I guess irrespective of whether u r male or female...doing the same thing (i mean cooking) can get monotonous & boring. Maybe if ppl take turns, it might be interesting fr the one to cook & surely a better variety for the ppl eating the same! What say?

Blogger Known Stranger said...

better you start learning better will help you a lot. okie yar i am a single - but i believe you will agree with me

Blogger Usha said...

edhuku indha risk ellam? Appuram I will have to complain to the SPCA :D:D:D

Blogger Rajesh Chavan said...

You have written in a beautifulway.
I feel gr8 on what you have mentioned in your blog.
You are marvouleous.

Blogger Keshi said...

hehe I guess it's just a bunch of women who cant cook. Not all r like that :)


Blogger smiley said...

tulipspeaks, mebbe u r right. they do flunk when it comes to cooking for money i guess :)

sojourner, oh ,I am extremely nice to people who cook (at home or at restaurants :)me too :)

jeevan, ur mom must be a very very good cook, that's y no complaints i guess :)

mitr, but also prepares it with specification for each family member and serves it with love and the health of her family in mind.
... u r absolutely right. individual tastes for each family member :)

harish, good u survived :0

dalicia, maids are everywhere nowadays :)

has to be me, Maybe if ppl take turns... that's a good idea :)

known stranger,, will do :)

usha, mebbe spca feels my dog is doing better and send all their dogs to me to feed them, pls dont complain :)

rajesh, welcome :)

keshi, u r right, problem is that we have that group who can't cook :)

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