Saturday, August 19, 2006

New Shivaji statue !

Hi, this photo was taken by my daughter when we visited the beach.

There was a bit of controversy(political) before they installed this statue in
the Marina beach, by the Gandhi statue.

It looked perfectly in line with the Ashoka chakra at the back.
She told me that there was something elso also in line with the statue and
the chakra and that was one of her subjects of the photo.
She finally pointed it to me and i looked like a :(
Sorry about the lowlight conditions(evening)

Can u spot it? :)


Blogger Iris said...

nope! cant spot it! and welcome back to active blogging:)

Blogger smiley said...

iris, what's happening to ur blog. can c only a blank page?

Blogger Iris said...

oops! that is a bug with the template...
Internet explorer cant show it. firefox can show it properly. I will fix it asap.

Blogger Has to be me said...

The bird on Sivaji's head

Blogger smiley said...

has to be me, u r right, there is a crow sitting on shivaji's head. u have very keen eyes:)

iris, even i missed the bird :) and now i can see ur blog, good template :)

Blogger Keshi said...

hell I dint notice that crow lol!

My mum will love this statue cos she's a huge Shivaji fan.


Blogger Jeevan said...

Good shot. Haven’t seen the statue live, should visit the marina soon.

Blogger Iris said...

I wanted to say crow... but i was not sure if it was a crow. hmm.. Guess i am old now :(.. kids!!!

Blogger smiley said...

keshi, ur mom ashivaji fan? can't believe it. she must have seen some very old movirs of him :)

jeevan, the statue looks very majestic :)

iris, say out ur mind, la :)


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