Tuesday, August 15, 2006

New contract, project

My son got a contract with this horse dance group (kuthirayattam) on the marina beach. He has to dance along with that gal and his reward is an ice candy (he does not want a chocobar or cup.... :) he is very very happy and contended :)
A new project / contract has put a smile on my face too. the best thing is continous internet access, so should be blogging again and start reading other blogs too :)
Got a new camera with a few extra features for the first time. At present my daughter is playing with it and she said she will email some of her interesting shots and let me know of the extra features it has


Blogger Has to be me said...

Wow! Thats damn cute of ur son. And its a sweet pic too!

Blogger priya said...

That is so sweeeet and playing it brings more confidence to him.

Blogger indianangel said...

Thats very nice! Yeh Dandanakka Dandanakka! :)

Blogger Harish said...

Paiyyan sema form la irukkan pola....


This is a nice snap. Your son sure loook so very excited and happy!! :) I like beaches at night. :)

Blogger Known Stranger said...

haVE YOU Tasted that mangoe candy . amazing amazing .divine. urrunja urunja til that orange colour leaves leaving only the ice in white oh my good nesss.. it is my favorite. if you keep arun casata and ice candy- my joice is ice candy what a burning icing effect it gives. none of the choca bar or casata will give that pleasure after urinjifyiung htat the boneless muscle tongue will get so like a wood. oh my good ness.. atha solla mudiyathu annubhavikanu.. okie only smart, over smart, intellevtual, brillinat, intelligent liek your son and heiheiei nanum ( please add me in the list) can enjoy it.

Blogger KK said...

Wow! your son should be having lots of fun...nice to know that you can blog more...hoping to see you around more often...Congrats for your new camera...

Smiley, not sure if you know, I have a blog other than my travel blog which you visit. Click here to see my general blog.

Blogger Syam said...

oops u r back..didn't notice it...so u and u'r son are having fun :-)

Blogger Sandai-Kozhi said...

Sure your Son is enjoying there.Cute little fellow.:)
LOL!your daughter is testing your camera and will pic through mail.
Kalam mari pochu for sure.;D

Blogger Keshi said...

which one is ur son? both of em r so cute!


Blogger Dalicia said...

that's so cute!!! :D

Blogger Jeevan said...

Pls try to take video of his dance next time, cute smile on his face. wish to see many beautiful shots form your camera:)

Blogger Usha said...

Idhu ena madhiri contract? :)) Romba interesting-a iruke :)


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