Friday, July 28, 2006

Where is the world going to?

Got this :( :( :( by email

Your co-operation require in spreading this...

See what they did in Japan!!!!

They eat small (dead) children

I still can access anything with blogspot in the URL
but found that works
This article wiped the smile out of my face :(


Blogger Has to be me said...

YUCK! PUKE! Thats bloody barbaric. How cud they? How cud they b so damn heartless?

Blogger Has to be me said...

Forgot to mention, I've recd an email many days ago that they actually eat the foetus from the mothers womb too. That is also somewhere in Japan or Korea - cant recall exactly.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Smiley all this is unlikely...
I mean, that first image could be a post mortem...
The other images may be unrelated...
There are people who make up stories and circulate on the internet... there are websites on which you get such things... they exist just to stretch people's imaginations... we need not take note of such stuff...
But sometimes, facts are stranger than fiction... but we have to go by what we know for sure...
Hey welcome back... put this out of your head.. it is 99% likely to be a hoax.
Blogger is not blocked any more.. may be it is a temporary problem that you are having...

Blogger starry nights said...

i DONT THINK IT IS TRUE, SOMEONE IS PLAYING U many things can be made to look real, its hard to tell the difference. I would not think about it if I were you.

Blogger Jeevan said...

:((( very cruel to see these pic. hope this should not be true. have read somewhere that a person kill his wife and eat her flesh everyday by keeping that in the freedge.

Blogger Usha said...

Jesus Christ!!! Enna koram idhu??? God!

Blogger KK said...

I have got this email forward long time back..I think the email said Korea. But I too think this might be made up. I know of an incident that happend in Germany, where man ate man.

Blogger Shuba said...

I have seen this long back...jus wondering how civilised pople can do like this!

Blogger Keshi said...

no kidding!!!

Im sorry I cant even comment...cos its that GROSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!


Blogger ashok said...

grosssssss...hope its a fake

Blogger Sandai-Kozhi said...

OMG!:000 :(

Blogger Dalicia said...

it's gross!

Blogger smiley said...

hastobeme, very barbaric indeed. i hope it is not true

iris, i hope i is a hoax, but then these people eat dogs... (koreans...mebbe japanese tooo).
still can't browse blogspot from my vsnl account. made a few complaints, no response. anyway signed up the next project next week should be having complete internet access

starrynights, after reading ur comments it did dawn to me hat someone could be playing... but y such a horrifying subject?

jeevan, it looks very cruel

usha, bayangara kodumai

kk, as u say mebbe this is just a rumour email, good to hear that

keshi, i hope it is a joke too

ashok, i sincerely wish it is a fake too

sk, i wish god could do something about it

elaine... :(

still can't browse blogspot from my vsnl account. made a few complaints, no response.

Blogger Known Stranger said...

nothing to surprise. the cycle revolves. from barbarian we are evolving to super species and the cycle is not indifinet growing it comes back to the starting point. let us see soon with olive leaves in our abdomen eating again the apple in edens

Anonymous Krish said...


I'm new to ur blog. These kinds of pictures are fake. These have been in circulation for a long time now. Theera visaritha pinn athai patri ezhuthvathu nalladhu enbadhu en thaazhmayaana karuthhu.


Blogger smiley said...

known stranger, yeah let us become vegetarians again :)

krish, sometimes it is not possible to really verify all facts. when i present it to the blog there are people who verify it :)

Blogger shobhna said...

this simply can't be true... atleast i hope not

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Excellent, love it! here


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