Sunday, July 09, 2006

Football, Winning & Team spirit

I had voted for Germany to win. my logic was that it was their home ground and the spectators being a majority would inspire them to win plus the referees might be a bit partial too. But tonight it is going to be a battle between France and Italy.
Watching these world cup mtaches reminded me of the football match when we were at school. must have been 12 or 13 years old. we had this match and had to win.
The other team were the favourites and were better players than us. We relied more on our spectator support and the whole class students had come to cheer us. The match begun and we gave a good fight, but by half time we were two goals down. We could only defend as the other team was strong and on the strike.
After half time, more encouraging words... we started with full force and shot two goals and levelled the score. We were on the offensive the ball was always in their half. The game was going the way we had dreamed of.
We were pretty confident of winning when the referee(school PET) stopped the game. He got everyone playing to the middle of the ground and got a count of the players in each team. The opposition team had 11 players while our team had 21 players in it playing with full vigour.
I was surprised to see quite a few of my friends who were cheering in the ground. The game was awarded to the other team as we were unfair according to him. but we felt that the team spiri (to win) took over us. We lost the game but as friends we stood together with one aim - to win.
I feel Italy might win tomorrow but watch out there might be more than 11 players playing, for the country :)


Blogger Iris said...

I didnt see the match.
I saw the result now.
What a way to go for Zidane. I so wanted france to win.

Blogger Has to be me said...

Wow! Thats good team spirit.
I also wanted Italy to win & glad they did!
Thanks a lot for the lovely poem u posted in my blog. :)

Blogger Jeevan said...

your guess was right, Italy has win. when i was playing the Football game in TV video game, their was only 6 players in a team.

Blogger priya said...

I saw the entire match and Italy takes the credit right from their captain to all other team members.

Blogger Keshi said...

Team spirit is needed for success in anything.


Blogger Dalicia said...

italy was great!!! :) so glad it was the italian team that won.

Blogger Syam said...

Italy really played well and they were able to shoot a real goal against France..

Blogger Known Stranger said...

thank you thank you thank you

Blogger sagar raha said...

dont u think france deserved to win than italy. moreover matterazi provoked zidane into head buttting him . now thats cheating

Blogger ambi said...

You are rite, italy won.

i enjoyed your school match too. :)

Blogger KK said...

Enjoyed reading your school time story :)
Wish France won the world cup. Anyway they played very well. So I am fine with the result.


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