Friday, June 16, 2006

Chennai - city of smiles

The other day i missed my handphone and realised it only when i reached home. Pochu(gone)... + prepaid card with Rs1500/= gone case was my thought. Anyway i said let me call my phone and see whether it is ringing somewhere in the house (i am so forgetful). no chance. i could hear the phone ringing in my earpiece and after a few rings a voice answered back.
"phone ingay thaan irukku sikkaramay vanthu eduthukongao" ...(the phone is here, pls come and pick it up early). i asked who was itand where was the phone? the reply was tender coconut shop. the shop is at the corner of the indhranagar 3 road junction by the bike showroom.
i immediately went and collected it from them. they refused to take a token of appreciation also.
i have lost quite a bit in many cities but chennai was the city which got my smile back again.
if u go there u can see he has about 4 white mouse running through his coconuts.
pictures later as i have forgotten them on a different computer


Blogger Syam said...

Yenga thaan ponaalum namma oor namma oor thaan namma makkal namma makkal thaan...

Blogger Iris said...

That takes away a littel bit of a prejudice i have against chennai...
Well... Good people can be anywhere... we just have to be lucky enought to meet them or rather be lucky to find the good side of anyone...
I think that luck can be increased by being nice ourselves:)...

Glad to hear that u got the phone back and more importantly, yet another reason to smile:)

Blogger Jeevan said...

Lucky Phone, will check the white mouse if i pass that way:)

Blogger smiley said...

syan, romba sari, namma ooru allu always best :)

iris, i have always been lucky and mostly meet good people onlly :)

jeevan, check it out and get some pics if u can :)

Blogger Usha said...

Wow, ipadiyum irukangala chennai-la?? Super!


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