Wednesday, April 26, 2006

I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free. ~Michelangelo

A few months back my daughter was supposed to take part in a creative art contest. They could do anything like draw a picture, make a model... only rule was to be creative.

I offered her a suggestion of doing something in origami, art of paper folding. Then as usual i jumped into the net and found some stuff of how to make a doll... All the instructions were there in it from the size of the paper and how it was to be folded. I then demonstrated to her how she had to do it a couple of times. Now it was becoming more of remembering how to do it and she was not really interested as I could see from her actions. She finally told me that this was not creative and she could manage on her own. I felt a bit guilty that i was trying to force on her something.

Next day morning she was very quite when i was dropping her off at school and i was a bit upset that i could not help her. In the evening when i went to pick her she was very happy, with a smile on her face. She then told me that she got first prize in the creative art contest. i asked her what did shedo as she was not prepared for it. she told me that she got a matchbox, colour paper... and built a small horse drawn carriage with the matchbox as the carriage and people sitting on it with the colour paper

I asked her if she had the model she built and she replied that she had to give it to her art master. Anyway when she came home she made a similar model of it to show me.

I felt very bad, because i was actually trying to kill her creativity and imagination. From that day onwards i take suggestions from her which inspires her creativity and she helps me to get a bit of artistic creativity....(pictures, photos...) to my blog :)

If i had to carve an angel out of a block of marble i would have had measurements of height, depth... and final result would have been a statue maybe looking like an angel without any emotions.... but if my daughter had to do it i know maybe the angel would have flown free :)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

way to go! Very nice :)
Its always tough to decide "how much makes inspiration" and "how much makes an injection"...

Blogger Jeevan said...

I also ask my parents, when my teacher ask to do any thing for my work experience class. But there idea will not work out; finally I will try on my own. Parents never give good ideas for there children’s:)) which standard your daughter is studying?

Blogger Naayagan said...

very gud and creative.

Blogger Has to be me said...

Smiley, U daughter deserves a big pat on her back for this! V.well done indeed. so creative! How old is she? Maybe I'll take suggestions from her in the future! :)

Blogger Dalicia said...

i used to do origami because i was just interested in it. good for her, actually it will take some time for the kid to get interested in it. yeah, considering the art classes that i've taken...*LOL* have u ever thought of dance? drama?

Blogger Usha said...

Super example!! kalakal!

Blogger Maya Cassis said...

beautiful post
atleast u have realised before smothering your child with too much affection that might deter her from what she would naturally do.set them free:)

Blogger Maya Cassis said...

i also like what iris had to say:)

Blogger Shuba said...

Hey i can see a proud parent...These days are very very smart....Pat yoour kid on my behalf....Such a sweet post..remembered of my scool days

Blogger வேதா said...

hi thats really nice thought. parents should jus stop putting their ideas into childrens head. ellam anubhavam thaan.:)

Blogger SamY said...

quite honestly, our society is more about being the best than being ourselves

so we tend to thrust the younglings into our idea of being gud

and its nice to know that this is fallin apart :) ... lettin the kids be themselves ... @ their creative best

the point is not about her having come 1st, rather her choosing to be creative ;) ... now thats the next-gen :)

Blogger Keshi said...

I agree with Maya...sometimes u have got to let ur kids be just them...but it's always good to be there for them if they need u :) U got a great kid Smiley!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hmmm.. never occured to me!(bang bang on the forehead:) "congrats" to your daughter:)

Blogger smiley said...

Iris, it was tough to decide whether to give her a free hand, not any more :)

Jeevan, we can still learn a lot from our parents along with our own creativity

Naayagan, :)

Has to be me, she read the posts and comments and says, she is still on the learning curve

Elaine, origami i squite interesting and they are involved in other arts too

Usha, maybe an example for others but for me learnt a lesson

Blogger smiley said...

Maya, u r right, have given her a free hand

Shuba, proud :)

Veda, experiencing in life is a good lesson :)

Samy, our society is more about being the best than being ourselves. u r right. :)

Keshi, but it's always good to be there for them if they need u, thanks, will be there for them :)

Iris, :) BTW, what was that bang bang?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

@smiley - nethiyila adichukitten:)... i didnt shoot:)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Blogger Rajib Hossain said...

Very nice! Love the colors!
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