Thursday, April 13, 2006

Camping in Ooty :) SU campsite

It is good to realize that if love and peace can prevail on earth, and if we can teach our children to honor nature's gifts, the joys and beauties of the outdoors will be there forever. - who said that ?

This campsite has been kept with bare minimum facilities so that the campers can merge with nature

Started off :)

On route, quenching our thirst

Quick bite

Loving deer couple at Bandipur

Sent a telegram, but all elephants on leave

Could only see him

Lucky, saw this bison, camera missing, got it on the phone

Dirt track to the camp

Quite a ride through wild country

Reached campsite! heard that tigers roam the way we drive thro. Thank God, they were not hungry that day.

Our tents and the kids tent. Started getting cold.started a small campfire

More tents, but the crowd had already left.

No permanent electricity. Only a home made rigup of hydro electricity which ran off the mountain stream for a couple of hours.

Basic facilities :)

This is how we got our hot water. Collect firewood and get this boiler crackling.

Kayaking and swimming in the lake :)

Friendly dog at the campsite

Trekking, a quick breakspot by the falls

Cascading waterfalls above and above

At the end of the day, everyone crashed, It was cold in the tent with no electricity, no mosquitoes :), no internet or cable tv
i had my full quota of sleep after a long time :)

All good things have to end, we finally reached home stuffy, humid, hot Madras

I love the mountains, but I am not trading it for my beach :)


Anonymous precious said...

hehe of course..
nothing beats beaches !

awsome pics!

Blogger ambi said...

All pics itself narrative telling stories.. another good post..
hope U had a gr8 time there...

Blogger Jeevan said...

Thanks for sharing the photos, very nice. U dint see single elephants in Mudhumalai?. I have seen that elephant statue in mudhumalai. The nature steps (steps by tree roots 12th photo) are good. I also like to travel in forest.

Blogger Has to be me said...

Welcome back Smiley after ur holiday! I'm sure u enjoyed. Sure camping is gr8 fun. I went camping in Africa, right in the jungle few yrs ago & it was just awesome. Will check out camping @ Ooty sometime when Im in India.

Blogger வேதா said...

seems to be a very good trip,lots of fun and lots of nature. so any interesting things to share with us?

Blogger Iris said...

Kayaking? Coolll!
Looks like u had a wonderful experience:)
Dog was cute:)

Blogger smiley said...

precious, beaches are more relaxing and less srain on the knees han the mountains :)

ambi, we had a great time, thanks :)

jeevan, only some domestic elephants, usually we are lucky and get to see some wild elephants :)

has to be me, camping in africa, sounds scary, check out ooty whenever u r in india, good fun :)

veda, one interesting thing was at ooty my wife and kids picked up some colour, brightened/freshened up. (me always tanned). we went to black thunder on way back and after one full hot day in the sun all of them got burnt noses :)

iris, we had lots of fun and the kids enjoyed the kayaking very much :)

Blogger Usha said...

Ooty is really beautiful, right? I have posted pics on Scotland on mine, aana unga post madhiri natural sceneries next-o adhuku aduthadho-dhan...and while I was in SL, I was thinking how india can profit by maintaining these beauties in our land :(

Blogger Maya Cassis said... say more than words
and so many post more.this was great fun going through

Blogger Shuba said...

Excellent...coool....Luvly tecking exp...seems to be a real adventurous one

Blogger smiley said...

Usha, u r right , we have to look after our natural resources, forests...

maya, thanks and u will enjoy it too, drop sometime to ooty to this place :)

it was adventurous and fun :)


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