Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Free Gmail /Hard drive! Save your data, don't worry about computer crashes :)

I still get quite a few requests for Gmail !

I have been using gmail as a harddrive for the past few days and have downloaded most of my photos, personal files into my gmail drive as a backup.

I downloaded the small program from the link below and executed it.(134 kb)

Download GMail Drive Shell Extension from here

That opened up a Gmail Drive which showed along with my other drives on "My Computer"

When I double click it, it asks for my login name and password. Use your Gmail login and password. If you don't have one send an email to : asmileforfree@gmail.com and I'll send an invite immediately.

As soon as you login it opens up like a folder where you can drag/drop or copy/paste your files folders... on your Gmail Drive

I lost quite a few photos when my computer crashed a few times, but now I have started backing my photos and oher electronic data on my Gmail drive

It makes life easier as you can access your data from any computer(even through your gmail email). More info on : http://viksoe.dk/gmail/

Got this from a friend (software wizard) and am sharing it for people who are not aware of the same.

Have fun :)


Blogger Maya Cassis said...

hey that's so cool.
thanks for putting it up so people like me would know what to do with a lot of photos

Blogger Keshi said...

u mean ur PC crashed trying to use gmail?


Blogger smiley said...

Maya, u r welcome. thanks o my friend :)

Keshi, sorry about the misleading title, reworded it, thanks :)

Blogger Has to be me said...

Thanx Smiley for sharing the useful info with all

Blogger SamY said...

it was working for me for a while, after which the tool wouldn't log in :(, so do be a lil careful until it is endorsed by gmail themselves ... I remember (http://www.filelodge.com) and other services that give upto 500MB free hosting ... try using them

such tools can be blocked by gmail anyday ... coz they use gmail api ;)

Blogger Jeevan said...

Good information, last week only i lost all my files when i try to change my computer form Win98 to WinXP. will try it:)

Blogger .:: Rosh ::. said...

Hey smiley, thanks for posting the info..i find it quite useful

Blogger smiley said...

has to be me, u r welcome and u have a nice cheerful icon :)

samy, u r right, but atleast we can access thro email if they block it :)

jeevan, yeah give it a try

magic lens, welcome and keep dropping in

Blogger ambi said...

good info... i'll try out in future...

Blogger monu said...

good info..me not that tech savvy either!
i would rather have the good old photo albums!

Blogger Princess said...

I'll try this one. Thanks.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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