Sunday, April 02, 2006


If you want to meet really enterprising and cheerful people, go to the Marina beach in the evenings. I saw kids and youngsters selling stuff for living but were so cheerful and optimistic.
They were not worried about tomorrow, but were living today

Sone pappadi boy! as sweet as his sone pappadi :)

Sand sculpure of a croc by my kids.
We named him SCOOBY the CROC as he looked funny and harmless
My kids want to do a sculpture every week. Sounds like fun. They are planning
to build an elephant next time

Two kids selling sundal. They have to finish the selling go home and study.
Actually they were squabbling, but became buddies for the camera

Chukku Kapi! That should take care of the cold and running noses

The balloon man.

My kids were his customers

We did not entertain him as we had already had lots of sone pappadi.
Have come to the beach to loose weight, not gain!

The flute man. Got to inform IRIS

Makka cholam (Corn) with flying sparklers?

Soups, fried rice...

and the usual bajji's

Good walk! finished a multi course dinner!
from sone pappadi's to bajji's....



Anonymous INJEY said...

Wow! nice photos. Just reminds me of my few visits to the beach in younger days. You missed the fish fry shops anyway. thats my favorite near Marina beach.

Blogger Usha said...

Ashok site-ku adutha photo gallery site? :) Cool pics.

Blogger SamY said...

wow man, you seemed to have njoi'd everything bout the beach ... the scooby crock was in deed funny luk'n ... gl with the elephant ;)

Anonymous precious said...

wow! u sure have eventfull days!


Blogger Keshi said...

soem very original clicks, good stuff!


Blogger Princess said...

Loved this post. I would love to come back to see marina beach. :)

Blogger Iris said...

Thanks Smiley for the "flute man" :)...those guys always make jealous.. (the carry all that and play some very catchy tunes with just hand... awesome!)

AS for the full course dinner that u had..i thought u went to the beach to lose weight;) ??

Blogger Priya said...

smiley..awesome...refreshing post..
nature has a strong power to modulate our moods..

Blogger Has to be me said...


Good one! Feeling nostalgic after reading this! Reminded me so much of the good old Marina Beach & I'm just waiting to be back there & revive the good times! Thanks buddy.

Blogger Jeevan said...

your kids sculpture is very nice. waithing to see the elephant from your kids next week. Marina beach is the best entertaiment for chennai people like us.:) nice Photos. My favorite food in beach is Sundal.

Blogger lord labakkudoss said...

smiley .. first time here... photos are very good... esp the kids crocodile sculpture and the sonpapadi boy..

Blogger reghu nath thooran said...

you are making my mouth water....esp...for some reason the chukku kappi stood out for me.....may be some forgotten memory....

Blogger Muthukumar Puranam said...

As long as our kids enjoy other kids selling stuffs for living we can have such perceptions..I feel we shud be ashamed that our younger ones are selling son pappadi in beach when they actually shud be in schools busy learning. Sorry I dont definetly agree with your rasanai. Disgusting.

Blogger smiley said...

injey, we were on he other end of marina beach. got to go by the anna samathi to get fried fish. welcome and drop in often :)

usha, chennai'yil illathavargaluku chennai niyapagam kondu vara... :)

samy, kids enjoy it more than us and it is a bit of physical exercise, fresh air...without spending too much :) (kanjan)

precious, when u r counting days, they are sure to be eventful :)

keshi, thanks, clicked on my camera phone, not much professional :)

aizwaikcha, sure enjoy ur visit

iris, just reminded me of you, when i saw the flute man

priya, good you got refreshed :)

has to be me, marina beach is always there witing for u :)

lord, welcome to my site. good you enjoyed the everyday life photos :)

reghu, chukku kapi and kashayam, did not enjoy it when i was young, but now i knowhow good they are :)

muthukumar, welcome to my site. these photos are from the real world and you have a good point. as you can see the sundal boys said they were going to study after selling. i did learn about optimism and cheerfulness from them. do drop in often and comment :)

Blogger ambi said...

Wow, i felt as if i'm walking along the beach.. good snaps.
good pics.

Blogger Maya Cassis said...

i loved the way you have shown us the beach ...feel like going there right now
lots of things happening there
love the pics

Blogger peppers said...

Having never been to your side of the earth, it is always a pleasure for me to view your photos and your world. As always, they are beautiful.

Blogger ashok said...

very interesting fotos....good work smiley :)


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