Monday, April 17, 2006

"I like work; it fascinates me. I can sit and look at it for hours."

Back to work, crew cut....

Holidays do drain the pocket too :(


Anonymous injey said...

I love work.
It gives me something to do between the weekends!

Author - Unknown

Blogger Maya Cassis said...

hee hee one lazy bum.but work keeps me from worrying and gives me a pocketful of money to throw

Blogger Keshi said...

hehe...I love work anyways :)


Blogger Has to be me said...

I love my work & take pride in doing a good job. But yes it can be frustrating too attimes! Most importantly it prevents an idle mind & gives me my bread!

Anonymous Anonymous said...


It's very true to me.
when I'm in leave I do less work but when I'm busy travelling & working..i do most works...sometimes I also surprised
in free time I dont do anything but in jecktic shedule I do so much..

I think work is the best pleasure for me now..


Blogger Jeevan said...

i am very intersted to work, hope to get it soon.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

LAst time no pic of crew cut..
ANy chance of it this time?

Blogger Usha said...

correckeet, I can also sit and watch for hours...enna enna work-nudhan enikume purinjadho therinjadhe kidayadhe :))

Blogger Me said...

haha ....:))

Blogger ambi said...

hope, U r recharged again. back to square 1 aahh! :) ensoyyy.

Blogger SamY said...

on the bright side ... holidays does recharge your batteries ;)

Blogger smiley said...

Injey, me too, luv my job but as time passes on peferences change :)

Maya, you are absolutely right, i do need the money to throw around :)

Keshi, i love my work, more than that love the money flowing :)

Has to be me, it give u bread, it gives me dosais and idlis :)

Roy, Work is a pleasure when you enjoy it and good you enjoy it :)

Jeevan, you will get your first day at work, first salary and then keep asking for raises :)

Iris, sorry my friend i missed the crewcut pic, will get it next time :)

Usha, wow i have company...I can also sit and watch for hours... someone else working :)

Me, your granfather must have left you a fortune, u don't seem to be worried he he he... :)

Ambi. on full charge and am enjoying :)

Samy, Do you have any more spare batteries? :)


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