Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Free calls/SMS on the net

Everyone loves to have freebies. Making free calls on the net, great. You do make ur regular calls on the yahoo pc to pc, telephone cards, regular phone cards....
But there is a lot of excitement when you can make the call totally free overseas.
When the tsunami struck countries like New Zealand gave people free unlimted calls to India to check out their relatives. I did a lot of research trying to do free calls on the net, but found it difficult to connect across to India.

Here are some freebie callers to other countries. Check them out.



You can make a few free calls before they block it. Usually u can change ur user name... and continue. Have fun.

Well send free SMS to India even though you can't make calls, especially to BSNL phones
The best one is


Got this from Reva's site

For all other countries to send SMS i use SMS countrof india, which is pretty cheap


You must be knowing yahoo messenger also(which cannot connect to BSNL phones)


The above address provides free sevices if we buy their adapter.

So my friends if you know of any source of free phone calls or sending SMS please share it with us so everyone can make use of the facility.

Get your headphones and mike and make some free call to your friends :)


Blogger SamY said...

Google provides SMS to US mobile #'s as a pluging for firefox ... I find it more reliable than Y! which doesn't work most of the time

of course in stupid US ppl get charged for incomming calls n SMS ... so its not free for the receiver :)

Blogger Shuba said...

hey smiley thats agreat service...but if it spread then in that case they mite block it soon....

Blogger Keshi said...

I neva do this kind of thing using the PC, altho I know it's all available and free...goshh I must be dumb lol! I still use the phone and I think it's just that Im used to it and Im at ease with it...


Blogger smiley said...

Samy, thanks for the info. never knew Google had that service :)

Shuba, Make hay while the sun shines :)

Keshi, you must be still getting affordable bills :)

Blogger smiley said...

and there are time when we have the net but don't have the telephone facility... more for desperate people like us :)

Blogger Jeevan said...

I talk through Yahoo voice chat. will try these site.

Blogger Dalicia said...

ohh i like freebies! :) will check it out! thanx!

Blogger smiley said...

Jeevan, try these sites, they come in quite handy :)

Elaine, good u luv freebies check them out :) and let us know of any freebie sites u come across :)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey..thanks for the info..IPVAANI working fine for me. From your blog I came to know about this ipvani free esrvice. Then I tried it...Now I am makeing free India calls from US. Once thanks...

Blogger smiley said...

Geeta, you are welcome. if you know of any free service let us know :)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Try http://www.voyz.net as well for free calls to India.

Anonymous Bulk Sms Software said...

Hi There,
Good to see all the replies regarding free sms sites..Let me tell one cant ignore www.vivaconnect.in it offers more versatile and higly secure way of sending sms check it out..now


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