Monday, April 24, 2006

New class, new books, new friends, new teachers... new pinch.... :)

I always loved moving to the next higher class. (promoted to the next higher class in school)

Used to feel happy when the results came, fresh smell of new books, writing the names, labels, new pencils, pens, geometry boxes, bags, uniform, shoes, socks .... new pinch... for everyone.

The excitement is there meeting all the old friends back in a new class(atmosphere), if the students in the sections were shuffled then we get to meet more new classmates. Getting the best seat by the window, and trying to impress the teacher....

That was good fun and my kids are going through it. I feel happy for them and wish I could turn back into a kid again :)

Well they gave me a part of their fun (boring part) to me, covering up their text books and notebook... with brown paper. Boring but still the child in me is happy atleast i got to smell the fresh books, paper.... and rekindle my old memories :)

A few more weeks before i reach home and start the job and get those flasbacks ...


Blogger ambi said...

yeeh, those days are really funny and greenish. i feel nostalgic..

btw, read ur Dad-son-Crow post also... too gud. (though it came as fwded mail to me also)

Blogger Dalicia said...

i don't miss being a kid! :P

Blogger Has to be me said...

BTW, u;ve just been tagged! :)

Blogger Has to be me said...

U gotta undertake the same exercise that I did! :D
i.e answer all those questions in my blog under tagged!

Blogger Naayagan said...

school life is joyful life.

Blogger Jeevan said...

I too like the smell of New Books, that habit dint leave me now also. We used to give the books to binding in the press. I used to collect the brown cover bits and do ships.

Blogger Iris said...

:)... u brought an extra large smile:)
Thanks:)... have fun!

Blogger kuttichuvaru said...

u made me nostalgic of my school days :-)

Blogger Shuba said...

heuy u have reminded me of my scho0l days

Blogger smiley said...

Ambi, care free days, did not have to worry about anything then flying kites, playing cricket, gilli... :)

Elaine, Fact is i never grew up and still feel like a kid :)

Has to be me, give me some time pls :)

Naayagan, u must be enjoying it now, have fun :)

Jeevan, good you had lots of fun :)

Iris, :)

Kuttichuvaru, did i bring tears also :)

Shuba, thanks for dropping :)


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