Friday, June 09, 2006

Where time slows down

Emerald Islands (Andamans)
"Hatching The Perfect Holiday"
Returned back after a relaxed ........ holiday :)
Flying first time - Air Deccan
This holiday would not have been possible if not for Air Deccan
Very reasonably priced :) Clean planes and for snacks we had taken a bag of crunchies and munchies.
We thought of taking the ship one way(costlier than AD) but we were fortunate as a fellow passenger explained how it took 11 days to reach Port Blair after the ship broke down.
Only problem was they had open/free tickets and when we boarded nearly all the window/aisle seats were taken and we were sitting in different rows. After some requests we managed to get together and the kids got window seats :)

The islands looked so beautiful from air. green island with a narrow border of white beach, surrounded by light bluish green shallow waters and then the dark blue deep sea. No wonder they are called Emerald Islands. After a smooth flight we landed at Port Blair, we took a ferry to Havelock island in the afternoon.

We stayed at Dolphin Resorts(Tourism of India) which is on this beautiful beach

The sand is pure white and like powder(different from Marina beach). It was a sheltered beach and so not much of waves and shallow. Water was crystal clear and you could see the fish, corals...

The picture below is Elephant beach which has some of the most beautiful corals in he world. As you can see the vegetation is right upto the sea

We did snorkelling and scuba diving over here and discovered that it is a totally new world under the sea.

I got an underwater disposable camera and the pictures looked OK

Saw a ariety of fish, turtles,corals....

He wanted to give it a try but he will have to wait till he gets older

A beautiful lighthouse on the way back

Then on the way back at Port Blair we visited the cellular jail, where the English had the Indian patriots(Veer Savarkar....) in jail. After seeing the cells, musuems, sound and light show, I wonder whether we give too much importance to Gandhiji... while many people died in prison away from the main land . Out of the seven wings only 3 are remaining.

Place of sound and light show

Prisoners did hard labour getting oil out of coconuts

Cells in a row

where they were executed

It did bring tears to my eyes

We did not have time to see the only active volcano in India and a few more islands... but then we will catch it the next time

Air Deccan brought us back home. Managed to get some seats together :)

Time passed very very slow at Andamans. Sun rose at 4.30 AM nd the day was lonnggggggg as if we had more than 24 hours a day. I got a clock from there so that i could have a longggggggg day in Chennai tooo. But the clock seems to know it is in the fast world and back to a world where there is not enough time.

If you want to enjoy a longgg holiday where u can enjoy every minute do visit Emerald Islands.


Blogger mitr_bayarea said...

Looks like you had a great vacation at the Andamans. Nice summary with pictures. Didn't know that flight prices for local travel in India and nearby has been reduced. What a way to start the summer holidays!

Blogger Anurag said...

Nice to read your travelogue.

I work with Air Deccan. Happy Flying!


Blogger Jeevan said...

Welcome back after a short break. You have been in a very beautiful place in this holiday, Cool photos. i remember the Siraichalai movie by seeing the cellular jail. If you travel in a ship to andaman, you can have enjoyed more.

Blogger Iris said...

hmmm... smiley, the emarald islands may be called so for one other reason:
The visitors pride and the reader's envy - makes me turn green... (u could have atleast pointed me to a Katamaran! I am surprised that u took to the air in the first place ;)
Thanks for sharing the experience...

Blogger Syam said...

kuduthu vechavanga...indha maathiri scenary ellam travel channel la paarthadhoda sari....

Blogger smiley said...

Mitr, we had a very relaxed vacation and Air Deccan is starting a low fare revolution in india which is a boon to us :)

Anurag, Thanks to ur company we had a great holiday and welcome to my site. hopefully you can assist/advice us for getting the lowest fare tickets. welcome to my site :) :) :)

jeevan, seeing the cellular jail was one of the high points of the trip :)

iris, 2+ days with the kids in the ship... mebbe the captain would have committed suicide :)

syam, air deccan makes ur dreams come true :)

Blogger Shuba said...

had alovly tripaa.nnice photos!!!!seeems u throughly enjoyed!great

Blogger வேதா said...

wow, great trip it seems:) and nice snaps:)

Blogger Syam said...

yenna neenga Air Deccan ku ivalo market pannitu irukeenga, AD shares ethunaachum vaangi irukeengala enna :-)

Blogger Has to be me said...

Welcome back after ur holiday. It seems fun holiday. Hope I can also get there one day!
I was reminded of my trip to Robben Island where Nelson Mandela & others were in the prison cells.
Thanks for sharing.

Blogger Usha said...

Wow, white sand ellam namma oorlaye iruka? Namma govt mattum tourism ellam develop panina engayo irupom *sigh*

Blogger Keshi said...

WOW looks like u had a great holiday! The pics look like they were from I really wish that some day I could visit Andaman Islands!

The prison looked so sad. Yeah even I had tears when I visited a prison in Melbourne. It was where Ned Kelly was hanged. And the gallows r pretty spine-tingling and gets one really sad. ppl who support death penalty should visit a prison first.

WB and Im glad u had a great time Smiley :)


Blogger Anand said...

Hey wow!
This looks awesome!
Looks like an ideal holiday!

Blogger ashok said...

i envy u man....

Blogger Dalicia said...

what a vacation indeed! the underwater camera pix turned out nice :) wanna go to bali now :P

Blogger smiley said...

shuba, had a really nice trip, where eveything was covered up land, sea and water :)

veda, thanks, the place was beautiful :)

syam, vangalam enru irukiraan :)

hastobeme, developing tourism, one of the reasons for sharing :)

usha, sometimes too much tourism will also kill the place, like ooty :)

keshi, i suppose srilanka looks nearly the same. must visit it one of these days :)

anand, thanks for dropping by and it was a very good holiday :)

ashok, c'mon u must have been to better places than this :)

elaine, even i was very happy with the underwater pics. i missed a trip to bali once about 6 years back, but i think u will enjoy andamans more than bali :)

Blogger A_N_Nanda said...

Nice post. Good photos. Kindled my memory of the islands where I spent nearly 3 years between 1995 and 1997. Wrote poems and published a book. Another is in process. So enchanting was the place.

Next time you visit the place, make a trip to Mount Harriet atleast. Visit Car Nocobar. I'm told boats go right onto the shore these days--no need to take a pontoon from the mid-sea to reach jetty!



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