Saturday, July 01, 2006

Fear of darkness and shadows

When we were kids there were not much of computers nor many tv channels or video games. We usually invented our own games and being 3 boys (along with the neighbourhood boys)it was always very competitive and tough. One game we invented for a rainy day was the dark room game(usually played in the night). We had a small room (10'X10') with windows on two sides. We would close all thw windows and doors, switch off the lights and one person has to find the boys inside the room.

We had a couple of sofas in the room, and armed with a lot of pillows which we would throw on the catcher. Even if someone was caught had to find out who it was and usually we gave them a pinch. the guy usually moved to another place inside the room bearing the pain and without giving a sound.

This game was lots of fun plus it helped us hone our sense of vision, hearing and touch. It was my turn one day and i had caught all of them except my elder brother. i searched for the usual places could not find him. i sat down in a corner waiting for him to move, but my patience ran out. finally i told him i lost and switched on the light. There he was hanging from the ceiling fan like a bat.

Even today when we gather at his house for a get together we play the dark room game with all the kids in one of his room, more bigger, darker and i tell them how i lost the game because he was hanging from the fan.

You know what my daughter said when she is the catcher the first thing when she enters the dark room will be to switch on the ceiling fan :)

One fact is this game has helped the kids to overcome their fear of darkness


Blogger Princess said...


From ceiling fan! That's a difficult yet intelligent choice by your bro.

I'll try this game soon.

Blogger Jeevan said...

hanging from the ceiling fan like a bat:)) how did he climb on that? i also have played this game with my neibhour friends, there house is build with coconut leavel and they have one paranai(laft)if we play this game one of our friend will hide on the laft.

Blogger Ms.Congeniality said...

//my daughter said when she is the catcher the first thing when she enters the dark room will be to switch on the ceiling fan//

soo cute and smart :-)

Blogger வேதா said...

//There he was hanging from the ceiling fan like a bat.//
tats very smart and funny:)

Blogger Shuba said...

There he was hanging from the ceiling fan like a bat.oooooooooops thats a real good idea!i too have played tis game!

Blogger smiley said...

Aizwaikcha, that was a difficult one but it left me totally lost and i will remember it till i die, how i missed it :)

jeevan, we have a few sofas and modas in the room, he must have used to get on to the fan :)

ms.congeniality, she is picking up the tricks of the trade :)

veda, that was smart, but if he tries it now he will get the whole ceiling down :)

shuba, good u have played that game. we still play it when we get together at my bro's place :)

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