Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Konakkai (Crooked Hand)

When i was young one of my pet names my mother used to call me was konakkai (crooked hands). i could not take anything from one place to another without spilling.... or dropping it down.

When i think about it realise that my hand did not coordinate with my brain and did things of its own. it was as if it had a mind of its own.

Even nowadays the key would be in my hand and my brain keeping track of it. All of a sudden the key would be missing. the brain would go crazy trying to find it.

Whatever crooked or forgetful my hands are they are hardworking and earn my daily wages

i envy people who have artistic hands or talented hands like the snaps below....



Blogger Jeevan said...

Wonderful hand art. i used to do some shadows of dog, deer, camel and snake in the candel light, when we loss current in our house.

Blogger Keshi said...

some very creative hands there! unlike my clumsy butter-fingers ofcourse lol!


Blogger Usha said...

enga veetla current adikadi pogum, adhanala daily ihdan panven...but orunaal enaku kaduppaiduchu :)) but lovely art this is

Blogger priya said...

Very creative indeed!!!

Blogger smiley said...

jeevan, everyone loves to do that during current cut and when there is a candle or hurricane light burning :)

keshi, very creative. even i envy those hands :)

usha, kaduppai enna pannergal? :)

priya, very very creative indeed :)

Blogger Prasanna said...

amazing and very creative. I used to create shadows in my younger days, but seeing these ones, those were miles below.

Blogger starry nights said...

Very creative, love those hands, wish I could do that.

Blogger s0ulasylum said...

oh wow! these look so real!! :) nice blog you have up here! will come by more often...

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