Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Back to Blog world :)

Must be wondering why i have a picture of the chicken? details later

Had a wonderful time at home. Though it was a bit difficult to leave the kids and have some time alone, we managed to sneak out. Working out to sneak out more. (read previous blog ....)

3 generations of our family got together at the marina. came out with their own stories... sands of time.... stories of sand. Hopefully we will have more family get togethers at the marina beach.

Well unfortunately Chikungunya decided to spoil the show. My wife got affected and after a few days the fever... was gone. She is still suffering from pain in joints.

My daughter who could not pronounce Chikungunya renamed it as....
chicken konniya?(did u kill the chicken?) and that's why u got this Chikungunya
well the doctor has advised no chicken.... maybe true

Back at work and blogs keep me cheerful. so keep blogging :)


Blogger Syam said...

welcome back...hope you had a gud time with u'r family...

LOL @ chicken konniya :-)

Blogger Known Stranger said...

While i saw first time a crocodile in calcutta zoo couldnt pronounce and i named it " krocada yenna"

Blogger KK said...

Welcome back!! Nice to know you had a nice time with ur family.
Wishing your wife a speedy recovery.
LOL @ chicken konniya :)

Blogger Sandai-Kozhi said...

Welcome Back! very glad to know that you have had a good time with your family.
Oh!Boy!I pray for wife's speedy recovery.
kids have more sense of humour.LOL!

Blogger Amimu said...

the outbreak is really scary, few of my relatives are also down with the chickengunya fever in chennai .. hope all is ok ..

Blogger mitr_bayarea said...

Good to see you back to the blog world. Heard about the chikungunya from folks in India, too bad that your wife got it, hopefully she recovers soon.

Anonymous pria said...

Good to see u back and get well wishes to your wife.
Health enviromnet is very poor in Indiaand even the educated do not follow the rules.

Blogger Keshi said...

WB Smiley!

lol @chicken konniya!


Blogger Sojourner said...

Good to see you back smiley!
Chicken konniya?? Good one!! :) kids say the darndest things :)
May be she will now convert to a vegetarian :)
well man, have a nice time caring for your wife.. must be a blessing in disguise!

Blogger Sojourner said...

and that thanks for the comments on the blog. It was indeed a beautiful rose(though it was dead)... so i suppose the rose in ooty turned out to be a good idea :)

Blogger Prashant said...

hey.. i think chicken guniya has no connection with chicken....its all related to mosquitoes..

Blogger வேதா said...

welcome back:) hope ur wife has come back to normal.

Blogger Jeevan said...

Hope ur wife feels better now. Think u had a Big Smile at the family get together.

Chicken Konniya she pronounce sweet:)

Blogger Harish said...

oh yaar...here too chicken guniya? So many friends of mine got affected by that. Hope ur wife gets better soon. btw...chickenkonniya???ROTFL :-)

Blogger Has to be me said...

Oospy thats sad to note that ur wife was down....hope shes recovered fully well now. Anycase now that u r around to take good care of her & the kids, guess she shd be back into action v,soon! right?

Blogger starry nights said...

welcome back, and hope your wife is feeling better.

Blogger Sandai-Kozhi said...

How is your wife now?--SKM

Blogger Nirek said...

Good to hear that u r back in blog world! happy blogging!
chikunguniya scare is killing India ;)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks a million, that was very encouraging - Mrs :)

Anonymous Sagaro said...

keep blogging dude... and hope your wife is back on her legs by now :)

Blogger WA said...

LOL @ Chicken konniya :) Hope your wife is okay now

Blogger smiley said...

syam, thanks had a wonderful time :)

known stranger, lol :)

kk, thank you, u dont seem to be updating ur travel blog :)

Blogger smiley said...

SK, she is getting better and better, it was very encouraging and kept her cheerful :)

amimu, never thought it would affect any one of us, but we r more careful now :)

mitr, she is getting better :)

pria, the mosquito does not seem to have any mercy for the educated people too :) will have to find it ask it y he/she bit my wife ?

keshi, lol very simple to pronounce :)

sojourner, i don't mind her becoming a veg as long as she can cook non veg for me?

prashant, u r right. the doctor asked her to keep off non veg for some time :)

Blogger vinay said...

i too got the same stuff!!but then i got 1 weeks off from office...and i spend time with my family back home...away from chennai!!!i loved chickun guniya!!!!!it rocks!!!


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