Wednesday, March 01, 2006

New to finger bowls!

A few year back a friend and myself went to meet a manager in a big
multinational firm. Our meeting went smooth and all of us were happy.
The manager invited us for lunch and as it was late we agreed (plus
we could save money if we had to eat out).
We went to their dining hall.The workers were eating on one side
while the managers had separate seating on the other side of the hall.
The workers went and collected their food from a counter while we were
served on the table. As it was late most of them had finished their
lunch and gone.
The food was great and both of us hungry, and we were all out
The guy who served us finally left a small bowl of water? with a piece
of lime in it. I looked at my friend and he also had the surprise look
on his face. What was that for? It was a hot day, was it some sort of
drink? Did we have to add salt or sugar and drink it?A thousand questions
ran through our minds, but we finally decided to have the last drink in
the bowl with the manager :)
So we sat down waiting for the manager to finish. He must have known
for sure we did not know what that bowl was about as all our plates
were removed and both of us were sitting with unwashed hands with
a finger bowl waiting in front of us.
Finally he finished his lunch and washed his hands in the bowl. God!
was that for it? We washed our hands too with a stupid smile on our face.
The manager was a gentleman and he did not comment...
Even today when I see a finger bowl I smile on how our patience did not
make us do something stupid when we were ignorant.


Blogger Ponnarasi Kothandaraman said...

That was a very nice and descriptive post. True abt the finger bowls..Hahaha

Have a nice day,

Blogger Jeevan said...

when i saw the bowl in a hotel for the first time, i thought after eating the lunch, we should mix the lemen in the water and drink.

Blogger ashok said...

patience is a great

Anonymous KeepSmiling said...

Have you heard the story about a Prime minister of a small country visiting Queen of England.

It was a grand lunch with high level guests in England and this Prime minister. When finger bowl was placed, the Prime minister actually took the bowl and drank it. When everyone were looking confused, the Queen understood the situation and she too raised the bowl "To England" and drank it which was followed by everyone on the table. This is how saved the Prime minister from embarassment.

Not sure if this is true, but it speaks of the greatness of the Queen.


Story apart, you can understand even a Prime minister didnt know about the finger bowl.

Anonymous Keepsmiling said...

By the way, the Prime minister was from some other country and not England's Prime minister.

Blogger வேதா said...

this is what western culture is taking us? confusion. naatula kudikarthuke thanni illa, ithula kai kazhuva sokka bowl-a thanniya?
paavam romba tenson ayiteenga pola?

Blogger smiley said...

Ponnarasi, sometimes learning is a totally new experience, thanks for dropping by.

Jeevan, Good I have company.

Ashok, Patience really solve my problems at times

Keep smiling, Thanks for the info, I feel very comfortable. Thanks for the smile too

Veda, I don't think it is western culture. Namma veetilay periavargal sappidum pothu kai kaluva thaneer vaipom allava... kuzhapam antha elumichayal vanthathu... appuram thaan therinthathu elumichai ennayay sulbamaga agatri vidum enru.
a small request... how do you write in tamil fonts?

Blogger வேதா said...

hi smiley,
for writing in tamil, try the link here.
but dont try it in firefox browser.

Blogger smiley said...

Veda, thanks for the info. will try it out.


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