Thursday, February 23, 2006

Windows - Made in India

Indians rule the world in the field of software.

Why can't we make our own version of operating system and don't have to depend on Bill Gates.

I think it is a matter of getting the best of Indian brains together or there any other complications or ....... stopping us from creating an operating system?

On my part I can make a logo and a suitable name for it :)

I would name it - JANNALS (Windows in tamil)

and the different versions would be Kattai ( free), Theku - pro etc...

I am not a software guy, but used to playaround with basics of Visual basic but can't even imagin how the operating system is built or programmed?

Anyone wants to join the team of JANNALS?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Question! Why do u want to name it after 'windows' if u want something that is not windows???
There are already open source and free software movements. They are doing better than most expected. Linux has taken more than 10 years to reach where it has. No need to reinvent the wheel. And there is more to open source and free software than Linux. We can contribute to the existing good ones and make it better. Open source/Free Software is a revolutionary way of building software... Ironically, if certain people didn't want to make a pure business out of selling software, we might not be calling it a revolution... May be it would have been called the 'Norm'...:)
Anyways, that's just my two cents...
U can give a shot at developing an O/S, just for the sake of knowledge and the satisfaction of creating something or if u have some other reason...:).. But if u are after hating/beating bill gates... I just have to say "Get in the (long) queue ;)"... Personally I feel we shouldn't attach too much emphasis on Bill Gates....Concentrate more on what 'u' want... I hope u wont say "I want to beat Bill Gates ;)"
[i put a this in my blog too...]

Blogger Jeevan said...

good idea and good Jannals logo. Sure we Indian have the brain power to creat a operating system.

will u ask any money for joining the team?:)

Blogger SamY said...

=)) 'jannal' sounds more like a title for the next giga serials (mega serials are the talk of yesterday)

Blogger smiley said...

iris, ur r right, mebbe we should name it different, ned a competition to select a suitable name

jeevan, no money my friend, just give ur support

samy, thanks for the advise, will change the name and thanks for dropping by.

Anonymous tamilan said...

engalay mathiri alukku free copy tharanum

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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