Sunday, February 05, 2006

Marathon race? Day dreaming!


Last week I walked into a shop and saw the application for the Chennai Marathon. There was a kind of enthu in me which said "let's go and do some running". I am a day dreamer and immediately I had a dream(in day time) of victoriously finishing the race with a final sprint where I overtook the Kenyans to finish first. As they say, in your dreams.

Running has/had never been a favourite sport/exercise of mine. Every time I entered a race right from my school days I always made sure everyone was happy by finishing last. Slow and steady wins the race? not really true.

It took some time to realise my body physics....I am not built for competitive running... but then I enjoy swimming and can swim for miles... I console myself that running is a high impact sport where we can have problems wih knees... while swimming is not so and I enjoy it.

I saw photos of the chennai marathon in other blogs...Kiruba and I am frightened to dream also. Let me get back to reality and stop dreaming. Hats off to the guys who struggle thro the 42 kms of sheer pain.(atleast for me)

Let me enjoy my swim which keeps me on my toes and have fun!!!


Anonymous tamilan said...

You should try running the 42 kms marathon atleast once once

Blogger Nirek said...

Me too, not avid runner! btw how did chennai marathon go?
I miss chennai a lot. Recently relocated to Bangalore from chennai.

Blogger Jeevan said...

at least did u went to see the marathon?

Blogger Ponnarasi Kothandaraman said...

Hahaha...U saw marathon? Heard mumbai marathon was a grand success than chennai. It was publicised than this one.

PS: Can i blogroll u?

Have a nice day,

Anonymous Anonymous said...

"if u want to win something run 100 meters.if u want to experience something run a marathon. ” - Emil Zatopek

I ran in the Bangalore International Marathon - The Celebration Run last year.(7kms)
I think i must write a post on my Blog about that...I was not blogging too much at that time...!
thanks smiley ;)
Happy swimming to u:)

Blogger raz said...

:) i run a marathon race everyday in my life... , all of us do.. may be being in chn i shld ve atleast checked on it! to bad i missed, anyways it was a nice post! :) i dream a lot too...

Blogger smiley said...

tamilan, thanks. i don't hink i will try that ever

satu, a bit of confusion, other than that i was ok, read abou it in the papers. thanks for dropping by and commenting.

jeevan, no my friend. i would feel very jealous of the guys who can run

ponnarasi, anything in bombay is usually in a grand scale compared to madras. sure, you can blogroll me, thanks i will try to do the same.

iris, thanks for the quote. when i was in ncc i had to run 6 kms and hat was real hell. give us your experience too :)

raz, yeah you are right. For people who are really busy it is like running a marathon everday. At least i have company, dreamer...


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