Monday, February 27, 2006

Sometimes i wonder whether God is fair?

Quite a few times I complain, about the food i eat....

My computer and video games...

About my bed being hard?
How I lost weight after the office lift stopped working?
How my waist and bottoms keep getting larger?

Look at the smile in her face :)


Blogger Jeevan said...

i have see this photos some days back in a blog. heart pain photos, we all are living a happy life, but they are die witout water and food, The UN should take a good action for save there life.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have very strong opinions about these things. I feel compelled to link this to my blog too. Hope u wont think it is becoming a bad habit.

Here is my opinion(which i also want to put in my blog):
These images should make us stop complaining. That's all. Or better, start helping people. But, It shouldn't make us feel bad for having a good life-a happy life, because happiness for different people mean different things.

God is fair. God gave the same things to every one.
All these are images of man made situations. We dont live as "one" with our kind and neither do we live close with nature. And there are too many of us.
So the world will look distorted. We can start by undertanding the balance that nature ensures by saying 'i have enough' - these words can be applied to a lot of things.

Blogger smiley said...

Jeevan, it is really sad to watch these photos and hopefully as you said the UN will take action.

Iris, My opinion is that we learn from these pictures. I had been thro the royapettah hospital accident ward once, saw all those guys with a broken leg, hand, misssing eye... it did not make me feel bad. But on the other hand it put some sense into my driving.
these pictures could stop us wasting stuff and complaining. God is fair, i agree but it makes you feel the other way when we are so blessed and they suffer.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy to see that u are taking it in the right sense:)
>> "God is fair, i agree but it makes you feel the other way when we are so blessed and they suffer."
My view on God is entirely different... so i cant really argue against what u are saying here.

Blogger ashok said...

very touching pics,,,
(ur posts sometime are quite a contrast to ur blog title....)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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