Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Free gmail invitations

Today, give a stranger one of your smiles. It might be the only sunshine he sees all day.

Hi guys/gals

If you need a free gmail invitation make a comment about something which made you smile or send your email address in the comments

If you already have one pass the message and the smile


Blogger free said...

Give me a gmail account and that will make me smile.

Blogger smiley said...

Hi A
Don't try to bullshit me. If u want ur account come to my table

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was in a dream, the setup was like Max Payne 2, blood spread on the floors, people's deadbody, pain killers all over here and there. "What the hell!", I told to myself, "What am I doin here? I am supposed to be in a beach with my g friend...!" Then suddenly a a face appeared and said, "Max Payne, are you searching for something...". I said "I am not Max..."
- "Shut up, your search has came to an end, wake up and find the goal."
-"Goal, what goal!"
-"Get a gmail account..."
I woke up!

So now if you can help me getting my goal, plz do it, otherwise my quest will go on forever!


Blogger smiley said...

your gmail invitation has been sent to your email address. Pass the smile

Anonymous Anonymous said...

It all started when i was born... a little too far back O.o

I jumped on the hoverboard and flew across... a little too far forward 0,0

ok one day at school i was getting bullied badly, like always :P, well anyway i don't remember what it was but i was having a really bad day, must've forgotten to drink my coffee again, and i entered the lunch room and sat at the end of the table and waited for my friends since i'm the first one to reach the lunch room out of my friends.

when my friends came down they didn't really notice how sad/none emotional i was (sometimes i have no emotion at all... wierd) well they started to do their regular routine, play around, swap manga books (for gods sake that man is not hot, he is manga O.o) and then they looked through my lunch like always (not like i'd share with them if they did that over and over again) and i left the table, they came over there and they tried everything to make me smile, eventually i smiled and we all sat together again.

now me and my friends eat happily ever after, (i'm still confused if my friend considers her my girlfriend though so technically i lived confused ever after)

so sad... btw it's rare i smile meaning it since i smile at stuff people say all the time and people confuse it with smiling.

oh i almost forgot, my email adress is

Blogger smiley said...

Hi Mike
Thanks for visiting my blog
your gmail invitation has been sent to your email address. Pass the smile

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would love to have a gmail invite.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I want to receive a gmail invitation...

Anonymous Anonymous said...


i was dropping by, and saw your fantastic sense for pictures - i love them !

Do you have any links to simualar pages, drop them to me please

I would love to have an gmail account as well :)

Thanks for your great blog.


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